sábado, 30 de dezembro de 2006

Frase do dia

MUSIC BEAMING The Zune, Microsoft’s new music player, does something amazingly well that its rival, the iPod, doesn’t do at all: It lets you beam songs or photos wirelessly to another Zune. It’s easy and fast, and it could be a great way to discover new music recommended by your friends.

In practice, there’s more to the story. To avoid lynch mobs from the record companies, Microsoft designed the Zune so that beamed songs self-destruct after three plays or three days, whichever comes first — even, idiotically, your own recordings like college lectures and garage-band demos.

The Zune, therefore, is that classic case: a killer idea diluted by a ham-handed execution.

David Pogue, comentando as grandes idéias tecnológicas de 2006, em sua coluna no New Yor Times.

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